we are SUPER stoked to connect! we love love love meeting new couple friends and honestly that is what most of our clients become to us. we love listening to love stories and sharing ours. we love adventuring and stumbling upon little oasis’s during our shoots. we love coffee and looove taking people out for coffee ;p . we love watching couples light up when we give them our posing prompts and we love even more to read those little notes we get in our inbox the day (or minute) after sending out galleries that start with ‘gahhhh!! we love them!!!’ so send us a note and let us take you out for coffee!

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such a fun and relaxed shoot with rebekah and jonah, she knew exactly what look she was going for which meant it was really effortless to be in the pics as there was no pressure to ‘pose’. she really knows how to bring out our character and personality as a couple in her pictures. also a fast edit and release time which was nice to not wait forever for our pics. 11/10 would recommend !!!!!
— Elisa M