Where should we shoot?? Clients often wonder where the best place to shoot is? The answer is wherever you like! A more elaborate answer would be anywhere with bright and natural light. Generally, I prefer to shoot outdoors because of the versatility of the environments and lighting. In-home shoots can also have amazing results, as long as the room(s) have large windows with lots of natural light pouring in. Together we can brainstorm shoot locations and settle on something that has optimal photogenic properties as well as suits you and your personality! If there are available properties that you love (family/friend private properties) and are interested in shooting on them, I would be more than honoured to be included in something so personal.




Who is invited?? My focus is always on you as my client! That being said; it is very ideal to have the least amount of observers as possible (people who are not intending to be in the shoot and are only there to watch) - try to discourage friends and family from coming along just for fun. It can be distracting for myself, as well as you being the model and brings a whole other element to the shoot.  I want everyone to be as relaxed as possible. 

*Graduates and Seniors are welcome to bring a parent or friend to assist in carrying miscellaneous items such as extra shoes, grad caps, or outfit changes.

I tend to bring a second shooter for engagement shoots and weddings to hang back and take atmospheric shots while I am engaged with the couples or to carry various bags you may have brought with you.



When and what time?? Light is the MOST important element in a successful shoot and outdoor lighting is best at Sunrise and Sunset (exceptions due to artistic desires of course). I like to start summer shoots around 7pm and winter around 4pm.  This being said, I would shoot 24/7 if I could so let's not let 'optimal' be limiting! For lifestyle related shoots soft lighting is much more desirable than harsh and contrasty lighting. Soft light is produced by overcast weather; clouds and shade are ideal. As beautiful as a clear sky on a summer day is, it is not the best for photoshoots!