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what we believe in

trust us, you’ll want to hear this.

my husband and i truly believe (and know!) that investing in the photography for your wedding day is the most rewarding investment you'll make for that day. from the flowers to the food, the shots from your wedding are the only thing that lasts past your day and the value of those images will only increase over time as the two of you grow together and experience life together! two of our favourite things to do together is to flip through photos from our wedding, and then to document more in anticipation of the days to come where we can sit down together and look back on our adventures.

the photos from our wedding day are what keeps our family and friends who couldn’t make it connected with us. they’re what we show new friends when we invite them for dinner for the first time. they’ll be there for us to show our kids and for our kids to show our grandkids. and most importantly they’re there for us to look back on with ear to ear smiles. we know that picking a wedding photographer is another box to tick in the planning process but we also know that this moment is crazy important to every couple who's tying the knot, wether they realize it or not. 

if you're searching for a photographer who sort of knows their way around their camera and can deliver quick and dirty shots of posed family members and the 'i've been smiling so long my face hurts' smiles , i may not be the right pick for you. if you're shopping around for the cheapest deal, i fear you won't value what i want to deliver to you. if you're unfamiliar with the wedding industry or worry your photographer won't be able to deliver what you're wanting, lets sit down and talk over coffees about expectations

i want to deliver those unexpected, unposed and imperfectly perfect shots of the details and the raw emotion. i promise to deliver quality images influenced by professional education alongside experienced and intentional edits. i am excited to make this experience fun from the beginning to end and by the end you won't even notice the camera, but instead be just a little bit more in love your other half who you've decided to spend the rest of your days beside! 

so with all of that being said; we're excited to get to know you and your love, learn what makes you tick and ultimately document the two of you and your weird quirks and inside jokes and the giggles that spill out following them. 

if you'd like real, raw and personal wedding images that will literally last forever I think we’d be a great match.




better together

we offer two shooters on your wedding day; something most photographers charge extra for. my husband and i know where and when to be to get the right shots..almost like we can read each others minds...



“Rebekah is such an amazingly talented young woman and a joy to be around. She shot the photos for both our engagement pictures and our wedding and she brought a unique style and elegance to both shoots that I have yet to see from any other photographer. Not only does she have a knack for incorporating the beauty of your surroundings in a shoot but she always finds a way to capture those candid moments that bring out the natural beauty in everyone that she takes a picture of. No two pictures the same you’ll find yourself looking through your photos for hours trying to choose a favorite to print or post!”

-Christine C



"omg I LOVE THEM. wow so talented you are!! I'm so happy and grateful!"

-Avery H


Photo Albums

Paper Soft cover

(magazine style, based on 40 pages, $1.50/pg extra)




Fabric Hard Cover

(with paper sleeve, based on 50 pages, $2/pg extra)

8.5”x8.5” …………..………………..$285