KCS Graduates

Today is the day for the 20 graduates of Kings Christian School! Most of them are familiar faces to me as I spent 13 years at Kings myself. I am excited for all of them as this day marks new opportunities and learning experiences, independence and freedom! (well, sort of ;) ) 

Here are some things I have learnt from life after high school; cooking your own meals gets old FAST, if you don't take out the garbage it stinks (its true), university is in every way different from grade school, plants die if you don't water them (or if your mom isn't there to water them), $5.00 lattes x 5 days a week = $25.00 x 4 weeks = $100.00 a month on LATTES!! (it's easier than you think!), not having a Phys Ed block every other day catches up on you (the strictly mr.noodle diet won't help), veggies are CHEAP!..so many more but I will let the grads learn on their own!

On that note

Here are a few of my favourite shots: