Chilliwack Engagement Session {Rylan + Jessa}


Man OH Man. These two stopped in Chilliwack for a hangout and an engagement shoot this past week. We were so stoked to show them some of our fav new spots in the river valley but mostly we were just stoked to hangout. I went to grade school with Rylan and he and his cousin have been some of my besties for years now. I’m so happy he’s found such a cool girl to hold hands with and also so I can befriend her :p!

We took R+J (Just realized Jonah and I are also R+J so this could be confusing lol) on a walk along the river, seriously laughing our butts off and chatting about music, travel, fishing, and all things food. After the shoot we feasted at Coconut Thai (best thai food in town if you’re in Chilliwack) and planned future adventures.

Rylan + Jessa, Jonah and I are so stoked for your wedding and for your love and can’t wait for you guys to be living closer to us so we can roast coffee and hike mountains together!

Take a peak at our time with these two and stay tuned for their wedding in September! <3