the augusts

photos by n and d photography

photos by n and d photography


We’re the augusts.

Jonah and I have been together for over 5 years and have been shooting weddings together for over 2. I have a Diploma in Professional Photography and I always say Jonah basically does too! (he was in 90% of my projects whether he liked it or not!). We’re passionate about people, we’re creative in everything we do (Jonah has a diploma in audio engineering and music production), and we LOVE adventuring. All of those things have landed us on photographing, filming and hanging out with couples and we love every second of it.

Jonah is the video and film maker of this duo and is so passionate about what he does. he dabbled in film in 2018 and since then he’s gone full force to learn, create and hone his skills in shooting and editing wedding and couple films. his approach to making wedding films begins with intentional, artistic and meaningful shots. when he sits down to put it all together his main goal is to tell a story, pull emotion and to make a timeless film for couples to carry with them forever.

i’m the photo enthusiast between the two of us and have been obsessed with creating through photography for over 7 or 8 years. I am an organizational freak and slight perfectionist but have always been pulled by art and creativity. I know my camera inside and out and edit photos with intention and speed! I’m usually the one with extra snacks or hairspray or bobby pins and often get on top of Jonahs shoulders to get a shot!

We love coffee and just bought a home roaster, love travelling and just recently got back from a trip to Europe with some friends. We’re those people drinking green things out of glass  and “DIY”ing everything. We have a fighting fish named “Gudu” and I have a cat named “Haruki” who lives with my parents. We’re sort of minimalists and believe that real joy isn’t found in the next new thing. We try to spend our money and time on experiences rather than material things and love love love our friends and families.